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    What is Hemorrhoids?

    Hemorrhoids are prominent and swollen veins in the anus and in the lower rectum. It forms a  masses hanging from the rectum. The cracks and tears that occur cause bleeding over time. Hemorrhoids are divided into two type  according to the region.  The internal hemorrhoid  it  can cause fresh blood during defecation. External hemorrhoids   its  outing   of  the anal region  it can cause swelling, itching, and severe pain.

    What are Hemorrhoids Degrees?

    1st Degree Hemorrhoids

    There is no obvious evidence. However, it can be seen with rectoscopy.

    2nd Degree Hemorrhoid

    It is can be   detected during  examination, It can  enters  inside the anal again. Bleeding , itching, pain  are the  most symptoms.

    3rd Degree Hemorrhoid

    During examination, hemorrhoid  piles are seen outside the rectum. Complications such as bleeding, itching and wetness are seen.

    4th Degree Hemorrhoid

    The last stage, the fourth circumstance, is characterized by bleeding, itching, discharge, fullness and severe pain. The person has difficulty in walking and sitting.

    Non-surgical Anal Fissure Therapy

    Anal Fissure is also known as breech crack or breech rupture. This disease begins to occur in the anal region with small tear.

    These ruptures are usually very dry and hard leading to causes muscular erosion and  painfull  during defecation.

    Anal Fissure usually shows pain, itching, bleeding   and burning sensation  in anus during defecation

    With  laser therapy  non-surgical  Anal Fissure Treatment is possible , your treatment is performed in 5 minutes, under hygienic operating room conditions, without sutures. Because of the absence of incision or suture, the tissues will  not damaged.

    Non-Surgical Anal Fistula Treatment

    As a result of hard and dry defecation, small ruptures may occur in the rectal glands. These tears sometimes turn into wounds that cause swelling and abscesses in the anal region. These abscesses turn into Fistula over time.

    It is very important to treat Anal Fistula disease without delay. Because approximately 90% of these formed fistulas are simple structured fistulas. However, if these fistulas are neglected, the disease progresses over time and simple fistulas can become complicated fistulas. Treatment of complicated fistulas may be longer and more laborious than simple fistulas.

    Anal Fistula disease may cause rash, swelling, severe pain during defecation, yellow discharge in the anal region, bleeding during defecation, sensitization of the skin in the anal region.

    This disease can be treated in a short time such as 10 minutes after treatment, with no pain and no suture and no symptoms such as abscess, and can return to social life on the same day.

    Non-surgical Wart (HPV Virus) laser Treatment

    HPV is a sexually transmitted virus (WC, BATH, SAUNA… ETC.). It is a type of virus which settles on the penis, external genital organs in the women, cervix or around the breech.
    What is known as wart is the effect of this virus. This virus after incubation period in the genital organs form of acne or flesh-like swelling occurs. These protrusion can be permanent and it may have a cauliflower appearance.

    Some types of this virus may be more than 150 species it can be quite diffusive. cause great dangers for patients. If these structures are aggressive, they can move into the cervix or the breech and this poses a great risk. This progression can evolve into cervical cancer or breech cancer. More than 95% of cervical cancers are caused by genital warts, especially in women.

    Genital wart gives symptoms as swelling, itching ,burning in the anal or genital area, lesions and bleeding during sexual intercourse

    Genital Wart disease can be easily treated with Laser Therapy. The treatment of the disease can be done within 10 minutes, in hygienic operating room conditions, without pain and without sutures and incisions. The patient can return to normal life on the same day as a result of non-surgical wart treatment.


    The operation is painless. The patient will not have any pain during and after the operation.

    Because it is a painless procedure, anesthesia is not required during surgery. However, spinal anesthesia or general anesthesia can be applied for the comfort of the patient.

    Laser treatment is a process that lasts approximately 10-15 minutes.

    After treatment of hemorrhoid by laser, bleeding is either none or very small.

    Hemorrhoids treatment with laser  does not use any cutting tools such as scalpel the muscles will not be damage,thus , there are no problems  such as stool or gas reflux.

    In Hemorrhoids treatment with laser rectal stricture does not develop.

    Since there is no pain or bleeding after the operation, the patient can be discharged on the same day.

    Since there is no pain after treatment, the patient can return to normal life on the same day or one day after the operation.

    Pregnancy is a factor that increases intra-abdominal pressure due to the baby. Increased intraabdominal pressure may cause hemorrhoid problems during pregnancy when combined with hormonal changes.

    Surgical intervention is avoided without much need during pregnancy. However, other forms of treatment can be used to help the mother feel better during pregnancy. After pregnancy, according to the degree of hemorrhoids should be planned before the normal treatment plan.

    It is very dangerous to use these methods to treat hemorrhoids. These improper practices may lead to  complicate the situation  and make treatment more difficult.. After hemorrhoids occur, consult your doctor and plan the most appropriate treatment under your doctor’s supervision.

    In our hospital , in addition  to  hemorrhoid treatment, , anal fissure, breech crack, wart etc.  All breech diseases can be treated effectively. Since the symptoms of these diseases are similar, they can be intermixed from time to time. You can create an appointment by calling us to find out exactly what your disease is and what is the most appropriate treatment method.

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