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    Non-Surgical Genital Warts Treatment

    Wart virus is a virus that usually infects the body sexually or as a result of the use of common areas (wc, bath, sauna, etc.). It is a type of virus that settles on the penis or around the anus in men, and on the external genitals, cervix or rectum in women. The formation known as warts among the people is an effect of this virus. After this virus has gone through the incubation period, it occurs with acne or bumps resembling flesh in the genital organs. Although these bumps can be permanent, they can take on a cauliflower-like structure over time.

    Some types of this virus, which has more than 150 types, can be quite spreading. This causes enormous danger to patients when neglected. If these structures are aggressive, they can move towards the cervix or into the anus and this poses a huge risk. This progress can evolve into cervical cancer or rectal cancer. Especially in women, more than 95% of cervical cancers are caused by genital warts.

    Genital Warts give symptoms in the form of swelling in the anal or genital area, itching and burning, small lesions in the genital area, bleeding during sexual intercourse, small or large cauliflower-like structures.

    Genital Wart disease can be easily treated with Non-Surgical Laser Treatment. Thanks to this treatment, the disease can be performed within 10 minutes, under hygienic operating room conditions, without pain and pain, without the use of stitches and incisions. As a result of Non-surgical Wart Treatment, the patient can return to his normal life on the same day.

    Another method we use in the treatment of warts is the Radiofrequency method. In the Radiofrequency Wart Treatment method, warts are cleaned up to clean skin with radiofrequency. This method, which takes a few minutes, is also non-operative and can be used in the treatment of warts both inside and outside the anus. Condyloma is burned and removed by this method.

    One of the methods we use in the treatment of warts is the Freezing Method known as Criotherapy. In this method, the wart is destroyed by touching the gas with a temperature as low as -80 degrees to the wart. Although it seems as a practical and easy method, this method cannot be used in the treatment of all warts. Your physician will share with you the most accurate treatment method according to the type and spread of the wart after the examination.

    Wart is a microbial disease. The wart disease caused by a virus can be transmitted to different parts of the person as well as to other people. Early treatment of this disease, which can have a very spreading structure, is very important.

    • Contact with the wart
    • Using the same items as the person with the wart disease
    • Sexual intercourse for warts in the genital area
    • Inverse relationship for warts in the breech area
    • Bidet taps
    • Unhygienic common areas such as bathrooms, saunas, pools

    Although the wart looks like a bump on the skin, it is different in structure from the skin structure. Wicks give a feeling of discomfort and moistness in the area where they are. Some types may cause discomfort such as itching, burning or bleeding. These complaints disappear completely immediately after treatment. Patients with extremely itchy warts can not bear it, and the situation becomes more severe and painful.

    The wart is not a structure that will cause spontaneous bleeding. However, the warts that itch and cause discomfort to the patient become irritated as they itch, and this may cause bleeding.

    • Itching in the genital and anal area
    • Small gray lesions on the skin
    • Bleeding during sexual intercourse
    • Structures on the skin that look like cauliflower

    Genital warts can be quite spreading. Therefore, it should be treated as soon as it occurs. If this disease is left untreated, it can spread rapidly and can reach much more difficult stages to treat.

    • Laser Method
    • Radiofrequency Method
    • Criotherapy (Freezing Method)
    • Cautery Method