stomach botox

Stomach Botox

In the application of gastric botox, botox is applied to the hunger and appetite sections of the patient’s stomach by endoscopic methods without any surgical intervention. As a result of this application, the duration of discharge is prolonged and appetite decreases. It is used successfully in people who have difficulty in following diet programs, have health problems such as obesity and who are unable to lose weight. Stomach botox is not recommended for individuals with a body mass index more than 35. If there are any diseases related to the digestive system, these diseases should be treated before the application. The effect duration of the application is 3-6 months. During this period, 10-20 kg weight loss can be targeted alongside dietitian support and exercise. There are no side effects or risks. Non-surgical obesity is one of the most reliable treatment modalities. Rarely, complaints such as nausea, indigestion and bloating can be seen. It is possible to reapply for patients who need more than the duration of effect to reach their ideal weight.

Stomach Balloon

The stomach balloon is a treatment method based on the principle of reducing the food intake capacity of the stomach by means of a silicone balloon which is placed it inside the stomach. With this method, the patient’s food intake capacity is limited so they can lose weight in a short time. The patient can be discharged from the hospital immediately after a non-surgical stomach balloon application. This balloon can be removed endoscopically with the same method as it is desired to be removed.

stomach balloon

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