The technique of examining the body in very thin sections by means of X-rays is called computerized tomography. In this sense, it helps to recognize the diseases that emerge in organs inside the body. It’s just a breath-holding time that the whole body will be displayed in slices with this device. The contiguous slices are processed in the computer to provide a better understanding. During the examination, the patient should remain immobilized on the CT table. No pain or hurting feelings are evoked during the procedure.

In our center, Toshiba Alexion 16-section Computed Tomography is used.

The features of our device:

– Latest technology software and hardware

– A radiographic image rate of 15 frames per second

– Up to 75% AIDR 3D automatic radiation dose reduction technology (75% of patients take lesser doses of radiation during the procedure )

– More detailed imaging with Boost 3D and Exposure 3D technologies