Why Turkey ?

    Turkey has recently become one of the world’s leading medical tourism and hair transplantation . This is due to the experience of doctors and the technologies they  are used , as well as being more economical than other countries.

    Istanbul is also a beautiful city to be seen in terms of historical, cultural and touristic aspects.

    Kaş Medical Center hosts both your hair and beard transplantation you can enjoy in  Istanbul in your remaining time.

    Why Kas Medical Center ?

    Kas Medical Center is located in the center of many 4 – 5 star hotels 6 km from Istanbul Ataturk Airport. It is licensed by the Ministry of Health as  Class A  Medical  surgical Center. Our hospital  founded in 1997, center has 21 years of experience. This license is given to medical centers with the highest level of quality in Turkey. Our health team consists of highly qualified and experienced medical  team and  personnel staff.  There are different medical specialties here, Not only hair transplantation . We have accurate planning for hair transplantation and experienced team.

    Your look and appearance will be the best with us.

    We will  do the best for you .

    The first 12 hours after hair transplantation is the most important time for  the healing process. We used  oxygen supplemental treatment for the healing process accelerated. Grafts are feeding from this oxygen therapy  with maximum efficiency.

    How you can plan for hair transplantation ?

    First of all, you will be contacted with us  by phone, whatsapp , instagram or e-mail  after that you should  send your hair photos from front and back, will make a free interview with you . Once we have decide you are eligible for hair transplantation, you will need to inform us about your exactly  arrival time should send  yours flight tickets copy for us.

    When you come to the İstanbul our team will deliver you from ataturk airport to the hospital after that  the processing will be start.

    After the hair transplantation  procedure finish   the  patients will be a guest in our hospital for one  night, Many hospital are  discharge the patients immediately after hair transplantation but we belived this is good for their health condition stability the patients will be under the follow up by our medical  team .

    At The next day the patients can be discharge and  send to hotel. On the 3rd day after operation, you will be taken from your hotel to the hospital and your first hair wash has made in the hospital. After staying 2 nights in a hotel, you will be transferred to the airport by our team.

    saç dökülmesi tedavisi

    What does the price include ?

    • Transfer between airport –hotel – hospital
    •  Blood tests  to assess your health condition
    • All medical expenses related to hair transplantation
    • Lunch and dinner in first day at hospital, breakfast the next day
    • Medicines, shampoo and lotion
    • 1 night stay in hospital
    • 2 nights stay in 4 -5 star hotel


    saç ekimi öncesi sonrasısaç ekimi öncesi sonrası
    saç ekimi öncesi sonrasısaç ekimi öncesi sonrası
    saç ekimi öncesi sonrasısaç ekimi öncesi sonrası
    saç ekimi öncesi sonrasısaç ekimi öncesi sonrası
    saç ekimi öncesi sonrasısaç ekimi öncesi sonrası

    In males  the hair roots in the forehead are susceptible to the testosterone hormone  and for that reason  fall down  over the time. Hair follicles in the nape area are not sensitive to this hormone So that  its strong. This hair follicles in the nape area is needed to be planted in the bald area. Since these hairs are not susceptible to testosterone, they do not spill after planting.

    When the  patients begin want  to do hair transplantation the first question that come to his  mind is how many hair follicles will be planted. At this point they encounter the term graft. Graft is the name of the structure used in hair transplantation. This structure has hair roots and some skin. Two – three or even four hair follicles can be found in a single graft.

    Hair transplantation should be performed in specialized hands for each patient’s hair structure diffrent from another.

    FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant operation in the world and in Turkey is a widely used technique’s name FUE technique is named after the micromotor or other grafting technique used for sowing.

    In this technique  grafts  are taken from the spill-resistant area with the help of micromotor are planted in the required area. FUE technique is one of the most commonly used hair transplantation methods due to both painless procedure and successful results.

    The first twelve  hours after hair transplantation is  the most critical for the healing process. İn kas medical center  for hair transplantation  the patients  will be stay at the Medical Center for one  night  this feature is only avilable in our hospital and it considered  the only  one Turkey .

    The healing process will  begin under the control of the hospital. Supportive treatments such as oxygen therapy are provide to feeding of the tissue and acceleration of healing.

    The area of the neck where the grafts are to be taken should be shaved. However  if the  planted area is small and will not interfere with cultivation  zone  it will can be planted without shaving.

    There are other methods called DHI  the pencil method or Choi Implant. The most distinctive feature that differentiates the DHI (Direct Hair Implant) technique from FUE technique is the transplantation of the hair follicles into the skin with the help of a choi (Choi implanter) without channel opening. DHI is also called pen technique.

    Firstly  we  will  determine if  the person have  any diseases  by taking blood samples  to check the medical condition of the patients. The patient’s hair is shaved then  The patient dressed in sterile enviroment  and finally  take to  hair transplantation room. The patient is placed prone and local anesthesia is applied to the scalp. In this way, the patient does not experience any pain during the procedure. Grafts from the nape of the neck are called donor area. This process takes two to three  hours depending on the number of  grafts taken.

    in the area where the planting will be done the  channels are opened according to the hair direction. This process takes from one to one and half hours.

    Grafts will plant to this channels in the last stage. This process takes from 2 to 3.5 hours.

    All these processes  are vary  depending on the number of grafts collected and sown.

    There is no scar in the area where the graft is taken or planted after the hair transplantation. However, as we have already mentioned, in non-professional hands there can be scars.

    During this process  local anesthesia is used on  the area , Therefore the patient feels no pain during graft extraction and transplantation. During hair transplantation the patient can spend time with his smart phone, watch TV, listen to music, read books or magazines.

    This is directly proportional to the capacity of the hair in the person’s back side. Hair transplantation up to 6000 grafts can be performed within a day depending on the hair density on the donor area.

    In hair transplantation operation  post-sowing period is the most   important, After the operation the planted area should be left open without bandaging and air should be provided.

    The hair region will be easily crusted, by ventilation the hair follicles will be grow by self-feeding.

    Planted area should not be rubbed for 1 week. In addition, the region should be protected from traumas. Activities such as active sports to increase blood circulation should be avoided. The patient is advised to sleep in the sitting position for the first 2 days in order to protect the hair area from rubbing. The patient is checked and dressed on the day after sowing.

    In the second day, the first wash is done, the next steps of the patient should  to be careful when washing his hair.

    The most critical point when washing is not using nails, not attempting to peel the crusts. After a period of sowing, the hair enters the process of shedding. This period, called (shock shedding),it  can last between 1-3 months, After this period hair starts to come out permanently.

    You can see the final appearance of the hair transplantation from 10-12 months.

    You can access the sea or swimming-bath 15 days after hair transplantation procedure.

    Seven days after the operation, you can walking and do light exercises and after 2 months you can return to your normal life.

    You can return to your social life immediately after the operation. Crusting at the donor site in the nape region and in the area where hair transplantation is performed disappears within a week, Some people prefer to return to work after this time required for shelling. This is completely up to the person’s preference.

    Yes, it can be done. In our center, eyebrow and beard cultivation are also performed successfully.

    Beard transplantation should not be evaluated as hair transplantation Because the beard density varies from person to person and each patient may want a different appearance. If there is a loss of the beard in a specific area  the patient is planned according to the size of the area and the general intensity  of the beard. In a patient with no beard, a successful plantation can be performed with 1000-3000 grafts according to the desired beard density. Hair roots are used just above the nape area for beard cultivation.

    First, the face will be appropriate to the natural, the eyebrow shape is determined and drawn. Grafts are taken from the donor area at the back of the head. Then the channels will be opened in the area that be planted according to the direction of the eyebrow.

    Grafts that are suitable for the natural structure of the eyebrows are planted in these channels according to the direction of the eyebrows.

    As in the case of hair transplantation, eyebrows are poured within 3-4 weeks, After six months, the eyebrows become dense and beautiful, the important point here that the hair should be shortened within a period of 2 weeks depending on the size of the eyebrow.

    ASPIRIN or blood thinner drug should not be taken 10 days before the operation.

    Other medications that should not be taken before on week are:

    Omega-3 and fish oil capsules

    Antiinflammatory Drugs

    Herbal teas

    Alcohol should not be taken 3 days before the operation.

    ATTENTION ! : If you have any disease or if you are using any medication, please inform your doctor!

    Those who dont have enought hair in the donor are,patients with malignant or benign tumors, especially those who have blood clotting factors diseases, acute or chronic infections, patients with Alopecia Areata disease and those are below 18 years of age.


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