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    Vaginal Aesthetic Operations

    Vaginal cosmetic surgeries are the operations for the treatment of the enlargement of the vaginal canal in the sexual area of ​​women, the emergence of congenital abnormalities, the emergence of normal birth defects or the emergence of age. Such problems in the genital area may cause problems such as incontinence in women.Vaginal aesthetic operations include the correction of structural disorders in the genital area, as well as the treatment of problems such as urinary incontinence.

    After these operations, self-confidence is regained and the pleasure during sexual intercourse increases. By eliminating the problems as a result of a successful vaginal aesthetic operation, the patient is allowed to wear clothes such as tight trousers or bikinis comfortably.

    All vaginal aesthetic operations are very safe in terms of surgical risks. In terms of the results, it is quite satisfactory for both patients and physicians. The number of patients who are not satisfied with the results is very low after Vaginal Aesthetic Operations, which is one of the operations with the highest success rate. Our most common genital aesthetic operations are as follows ;

    • Labioplasty (removal  the deformations of small lips)
    • Clitoropexy (reduction of the clitoris)
    • Vagina tighting
    • Hymen Repair


    Small lips, seen from the outside and called as inner lips, sometimes lose their shape due to congenital, postnatal, and age progression. This may disturb the patient both as an image and a feeling. In addition, while wearing tight pants, bikini, swimwear, such as the lips from the outside can be certain. which are growing and deformed .

    labiaplasty, are given their natural shape and the factors by eliminated the causing of complaints .

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    Is the process of correcting the shape of the clitoris and     reduce the  thick form  and beautify it to normal shape this procedure increases pleasure during sexual intercourse and feel more comfortable while wearing tight pants and swimwear and bikini.


    The Muscles of  the female genitals may relax due to pregnancy, normal birth, progressive age, weight gain, smoking ,hormonal disorders and may cause deformities. This may also cause urinary incontinence.

    This situation, which affects both the social life and self-confidence of the woman, can be eliminated with the operation of Vagina Narrowing which is applied in a short time as 15-20 minutes and the patient does not feel any pain during and after the operation. After the operation the patient can immediately return to social life.

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    Hymen Repair

    The hymen repair is divided into two. One is long-term repairs and the other is short-term repairs. Prolonged repairs are recently performed in patients with no possibility of sexual intercourse soon, and short-term repairs are performed in patients who will have sexual intercourse within a week.

    Long-term repairs are performed by the method known as flep method.  İn this this method  tissues are  sutured   to the vagina side wall. Thus, during sexual intercourse, this tissue ruptures and creates a condition similar to hymen rupture and bleeding. In the case of short-term repair, the vagina is narrowed by the sutures thrown into the vagina and thus bleeding is created during sexual intercourse.

    Will my information remain confidential?

     Is there any possibility that my information will be shared with third parties?

    Please contact our center and all of your information, including your treatment, is completely confidential in the context of your statutory rights (RG 01.08.1998.23420). It is not possible to give information about your disease and treatment to third parties.

    Patients can leave the hospital after two hours after this operation the next day he can return to his social life. Stitches spontaneously fall within 2-3 weeks.

    The patient leaves the hospital on the same day. Stitches melt spontaneously. 6 weeks of sexual intercourse should be avoided after the operation.

    The hymen is a thin and semi-flexible structure, located in the entrance of the vagina, with a small hole in the middle for the flow of menstrual blood and vaginal secretions. There is no known function. It is thought to have a protective function from infections.

    During the first ten days it is possible to know when the membrane is ruptured, but after this period it is impossible to know

    The  torn hymen will never close spontaneously.

    The hymen can be repaired, but parts of the hymen must not be lost. If a person has had a large number of sexual intercourse and a large number of births, the hymen may be lost completely. Repair cannot be done in these cases.

    No  partner can not know if the hymen was  repaired only doctors  can know  during the examination

    This operation can be performed by local or general anesthesia according to the patient and lasts about 30 minutes.

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