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    Ear Aesthetics

    The fact that ears look different from normal affects people’s self-confidence and reduces their quality of life. Prominent ear appearance or a larger than normal earlobe are usually congenital conditions. Ear aesthetic operations (otoplasty) are performed by surgeons very easily, the healing process is fast and they give good results for patients. It can be applied using general anesthesia or local anesthesia depending on the patient’s condition. Ear aesthetic operations can be performed to correct the appearance of the prominent ear or to bring larger earlobes to normal sizes. These operations, which last about an hour, do not pose any risk to the patient.

    There may be a very small scar on the treated part. This scar is invisible in prominent ear surgeries as it remains at the back of the ear, and is quite small in ear lobe surgeries. It is almost imperceptible from the outside and does not bother the patient in daily life.

    There may be normal pain after the otoplasty procedure. This can be resolved with simple painkillers.

    No. Hearing loss cannot be seen after otoplasty.

    The operation can be applied to patients over 6 years old.

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