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    Hymen Repair

    The hymen is a thin  membrane structure that  surrounds the  vagina opening  the  usual  depth  about 1-1.5 cm. There are holes or perforations in the middle which  lets the menstrual blood and vaginal secretions flow out. In some cases  there may be no holes in the membrane and the membrane may close the vagina outlet, This is usually when the girl is menstruating  for the first time  the blood can not flow out , Treatment of this condition is very simple its can be opens with a small cut.

    The hymen is expected to rupture and bleed in the first sexual intercourse. However  the hole of some membranes can be quite large or flexible. This allows the penis to enter and exit without causing hymen rupture. Nowadays, there are some  pieces  used during  masturbration  can cause   rupture of the hymen  during masturbation, when  the woman reaching the orgasm maybe  rupture her hymen without even realizing it.

    In this case hymen membrane  does not healing willingly. Hymenoplasty surgery  sometime  is considered a delicate procedure  to ward off  fears of social repression experinced  by women in some  clossed societies.  This operation, which can be performed in two ways : permanent (flep method) and temporarily

    İt can applied under local or general anesthesia.  This process, which does not exceed half an hour  should be performed by Gynecologists and obstetricians.

    Will my information remain confidential? Is there any possibility that my information will be shared with third parties?

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    The hymen is a thin and semi-flexible structure, located in the entrance of the vagina, with a small hole in the middle  for the flow of menstrual blood and vaginal secretions. There is no known function. It is thought to have a protective function from infections.

    During the first ten days it is possible to know when the membrane is ruptured, but after this period it is impossible to know.

    In this method, unseen sutures are thrown into the vagina The reason why this method is named temporarily  that it must be done a few days before  interrelated.

    If the hymen planting is to be done temporarily the relationship should be entered within the specified time.

    In this method, hymen repair is done by a technique called (FLEP) technique  The  deteriorated tissue in this  technique is reconstructed as in plastic surgery  When  you have  first sexulal intrcourse after this operation  naturally bleeding will occur.

    Temporary treatment of hymen is done by suturing. The aim here is to cause rupture of the sutures in the sexual intercourse. Therefore, care should be given to the stitches until the relationship occurs. In the permanent method, an operation is performed in the vagina as in plastic surgery. In this method, the reconstruction of the hymen in the first sexual intercourse will be bleeding how much time passes.

    The  torn hymen will never close spontaneously.

    Any type of hymen can be repaired. There may be tissue loss in some hymen. In these cases, success is achieved with hymenoplasty applied together with vaginal tightening.

    No  partner can not know if the hymen was  repaired only doctors  can know  during the examination

    This operation can be performed by local or general anesthesia according to the patient and lasts about 30 minutes.



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