HPV is a sexually transmitted virus (wc, bath, sauna, etc.). It is a type of virus which settles on the penis or around the breech, on the external genital organs of the woman, in the cervix, or around the breech. What is known as a wart is the effect of this virus. This virus occurs in the genital organs with pock or paw-like swellings. The puffiness can be permanent and they may have a cauliflower-like appearance.

Some types of this virus with can be quite invasive. This ca cause great dangers if neglected. If these structures are aggressive, they can move into the cervix or the breech and this poses a great risk. This progression can evolve into cervical cancer or breech cancer.

More than 95% of cervical cancers are caused by genital warts.

Genital Warts gives symptoms such as swelling, itching and burning in the anal or genital area, small lesions in the genital area, bleeding during sexual intercourse, and structures in the form of small or large cauliflower.

Genital Warts can be easily treated with non-surgical Laser Therapy. Thanks to this treatment, the disease can be removed within 10 minutes, in hygienic operating room conditions, without pain and without the use of sutures and incisions. The patient can return to normal life on the same day as a result of non-surgical wart treatment.