The first choice of treatment in the gallbladder stone is the removal of the gallbladder and the stones in the laparoscopic method. If the gallbladder stones that start to cause problems are not treated, they can cause serious problems. These include severe inflammation of the gallbladder, inflammation of the pancreas, the stone falling into the bile duct, causing obstruction of the canal, leading to jaundice.

Advantages of laparoscopic gallbladder surgery;

– Less scarring in the surgery area,
– Less pain after surgery,
– The patient’s return to normal life in a shorter time.

Gallbladder operation by laparoscopy is often performed with the patient being completely anesthetized. Using this method, incisions smaller than 1 cm can be made and stones or gallbladder can be taken with special tools that can be entered.

When the doctor decides on surgery for gallstone problems, gallbladder is taken along with the stones. Lack of gallbladder does not cause significant problems in the patient.