What is the Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics)?

The part of the tooth visible on the gingiva is called the corona and the invisible parts embedded in the bone is called the root. All kinds of teeth have a specific number of roots depending on their types.

In the center of the tooth, in both the coronal part and its root is the pulp, which is a soft connective tissue giving the vital quality to teeth.

Endodontic science is interested in all kinds of problems associated with the so-called nerves of the tooth.. Root canal treatment is performed due to caries located deeper, due to the fractures and cracks in the teeth, trauma, and inflammation of the pulp.

Inflammation of the pulp is manifested by redness or swelling around the tooth, tenderness during chewing, and long-lasting pain in return for hot or cold exposures. When the patients present to our clinic with these complications, we perform root canal treatment with an aim to keep the tooth and to preserve its functions. In this way, we aim to alleviate the need for implants or bridges.

What Are the Steps of the Root Canal Treatment?

  • Anesthetizing the tooth and surrounding tissues by local anesthesia
  • Removal of the carries and cleaning of the infected structures for introduction into the root canals
  • Determination of root canal length with apex finder devices and radiography
  • Shaping the root canals using hand tools and rotary instruments
  • Removal of infectious microorganisms using intra-canal disinfectants
  • Filling the root canals and restoring the upper parts

Success in Canal Treatment?

Success rates increase with the advances in technology. An appropriately performed root canal treatment for the right indication will have a success rate as high as 90-95%. It should not be forgotten that root canal treatment is the last stage of treatment before the tooth extraction. The risks for complications that may not be controlled by the dentists are always present.