burun estetiği


It is an operation to correct deformities in the nose. A beautiful appearance causes the person to feel mentally and spiritually well, and self-confidence. The nose is located in the center of the face, it is an important organ for facial beauty, so aesthetic nose surgery is one of the most performed plastic surgery all over the world. With rhinoplasty surgery, the nose can be narrowed, enlarged if necessary and deformed.

Although rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery, it can be treated with the same surgery in other problems that cause nasal congestion, such as curves in the nose and growth of the nose. In some patients, it is not possible to obtain a good functional result without performing a nasal surgery as a rhinoplasty. Therefore, rhinoplasty surgery should not only be considered as an aesthetic surgery.

Before the rhinoplasty surgery, all the problems of the patient and the expectations about the surgery should be determined in the interview and the patient should be informed about the possible improvements. The purpose of the rhinoplasty surgery is to create the most appropriate nasal shape on the patient’s face. In each patient, the relationship between the face and the nose should be examined in detail and the operation should be determined by talking to the patient. One of the most frequently encountered cases of doctors performing aesthetic nose surgery is that the patient wants a natural nose. Therefore, a good rhinoplasty surgery is intended to provide the most appropriate nasal shape to the patient’s face.

Rhinoplasty surgery can be performed by general or local anesthesia. Generally, patients are discharged on the day of surgery or kept in the hospital one day. In our patients, we use a special silicone or spongy tampon that allows the patient to breathe. A special plaster or splint is applied to the patient’s nose for one week and a plaster cast is taken with the sutures at the end of 1 week. Then 1 week is treated with special tapes. So aesthetic nose surgery after the patient’s work is required 10 days – 2 weeks rest.

Postoperatively, there may be swelling around the nose and in custody and these can be improved within 1-2 weeks. Contrary to known, there is not much pain after the operation and simple painkillers are usually sufficient for pain.