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Nasal obstruction and surgery in adult patients:

Among the most common causes of nasal congestion in adults

– Upper respiratory infections
– Allergic rhinitis
– Deviation of the nasal septum (curvature of the nasal middle wall)
– Concha hypertrophy (normally too large of the existing nostrils)
– Polyp (meat that usually develops on the nose due to allergy)
– Chronic sinusitis

Medical treatment is applied first in cases other than nasal septum deviation. If the result is not achieved, surgical intervention comes to the agenda. Nasal blockages seriously reduce the quality of life in adults. It affects performance while doing sports. It can leads problems such as snoring, throat drying, breathing stops, daytime fatigue, headache problems because of open mouth sleep . Bone and cartilage curvature surgeries that we call septoplasty take about half an hour.