Even if the weight of many people is within normal limits, there may be excess fat in some areas, such as the abdomen or hips, causing a disproportionate appearance of the body. Cellulite is also a nightmare for many women.

Cellulite is a general concept describing the irregular appearance of the skin and fat tissue, in the appearance of an orange peel with dimples in the skin.

More commonly seen in women, it can be defined as the regional metabolic disturbance of subcutaneous fat tissue usually in the thighs, hips, and abdomen. However, it should not be confused with being overweight or with obesity.

Many factors have been suggested to cause cellulite.

Causes of Cellulite:

  1. Genetic Factors
  2. Hormonal dysfunctions
  3. Blood circulation disorders
  4. Connective tissue defects
  5. Maladaptive habits (in nutrition, consumption of coffee, cola, alcohol, etc.)
  6. Inactivity
  7. Psychological factors


Since many factors may facilitate or enhance cellulite, treatment requires a multidisciplinary approach. Combination therapy models are preferred over a single method of treatment.

The first thing to do is to make some changes in lifestyle and to eliminate the cellulite enhancing factors. Proper diet programs and exercising, compliant use of medication (especially during treatment with hormonal medicines), cautious control of anxiety and stress, and avoiding smoking and alcohol use are required.

However, these recommendations will provide solutions only if they are practiced under expert supervision. In addition to these methods, use of several devices provides significant contributions to this issue.

Lumishape, which is the device used at our healthcare center is one of the most important of types of these devices. It is capable of performing in 4 various functions and plays a very important role in cellulite treatment and regional thinning.

Lumishape operates at 4 different programs, namely a radiofrequency program which conveys the heat deep in the tissues, an infrared light program, a vacuum program enhancing the blood circulation and enhancing the effects-benefits of the heating, and a mechanical massaging program.

By means of the radiofrequency and infrared programs, the skin is heated to enhance the intracellular diffusion of oxygen. The tissues are heated up to the required optional levels. It protects the skin surface to be overheated. In addition, they enhance building up of the collagen. The vacuum program enhances the effects of the radiofrequency program, providing successful outcomes in the cellulite treatment. By means of the mechanical program, the blood circulation of the individuals are enhanced and the toxic substances are eliminated from the body.


  • Regional thinning and fat burning
  • Visible reductions in the cellulite appearance
  • Detoxification effect by lymphatic drainage
  • Lifting effect by warming up the skin
  • Reduction in wrinkles and skin regeneration


940 nm IR Laser

940 nm IR laser beams heat the skin to a depth of up to 5 mm.
The laser effect reduces the skin’s resistance to RF, enabling the RF to penetrate the skin better.
The sizes of heated up fat cells shrink.
The rate of blood circulation is increased, increasing the metabolic rate. The burning of fats is enhanced.

Bi-Polar Radiofrequency

Bi-Polar RF heats the skin to levels 5-15 mm deep.
The blood circulation and metabolic rate increase in the heated region, increasing the burning of the fats.
The heated fat cells are reduced in size and decompose.
Burned fat is removed from the body through the blood and by the lymphatic system.

Vacuum + Massage

The effectiveness of the IR Laser and RF nano is increased by the vacuum effect of the vacuum head.
The effect of vacuum massage increases the rate of the blood and lymphatic circulation.


Lumi Shape provides significant improvements even at the first session when it is applied to the face. It is a very effective device in the restoration of the double chin area and the oval shape of the face by means of its facial probe. It reaches all the required areas easily during the lifting practices applied to the face. The jowl restoration and treatment of the wrinkles will provide you with a younger look and younger skin. In addition, you may get rid of the dark circles and creases around your eyes with Lumi Shape.