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The neck hernia, one of the most common causes of neck pain is the rupture of the fibers around the disc structure between the cervical vertebrae and the protrusion of the internal structure into the nerve channel.

Neck hernia seen in who?
Long-term working at the computer, surgeons and dentists, drivers, secretaries etc.

What are the symptoms of neck hernia?
Neck pain is the most common symptom of neck hernia. Pain increases with movements of the neck. In case of sudden onset hernia, neck pain is more severe. Neck hernia pain usually starts as sneaky, but increases over time. Pain is not only in the neck but also in the arm, back, hand, waist and shoulders.

How to diagnose neck hernia?
Magnetic resonance (MR) is the most preferred method to confirm the diagnosis if there is a suspicion of cervical disc hernia. Computed Tomography (CT) may be preferred in patients with obstructive or closed area phobia for MRI. According to the findings of the examination, EMG can also be requested.

How to cure neck hernia?
Most of the patients with neck pain can be cured by non-surgical treatment (medication, physical therapy and exercise, local or regional injections) called conservative treatment. Pain relief and muscle relaxants can be used to reduce acute pain caused by insomnia. If, however, the pain does not diminish and the limitation of neck movements continues, the option of physical therapy should be considered. With physical therapy, the muscles in the areas of pain are strengthened and the pressure on the nerves is reduced. In case of severe neck pain, short-term neck collar may be required. Surgical consultation should be requested in cases that lasting more than 6 months and do not improve as a result of conservative treatment, which leads to progressive loss of strength and gait disturbance.

In order not to worsen the neck hernia which can be cured by a simple treatment, proper diagnosis and treatment are very important. Therefore, those who have a hernia should definitely consult a qualified physician.