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Ventilation Tube Application

One of the most common operations after nasal and tonsil operations in childhood is the insertion of a tube in the ear. The middle ear is a space filled with gas. When the aeration of the middle ear deteriorates after mid-ear infections or due to upper respiratory tract infections, this space is filled with liquid. Sound waves are transmitted best in the air. Sound waves are not transmitted well in liquid or solid environment. Therefore, when there is fluid in the middle ear, children start to hear less. Irreversible hearing loss may be encountered if not intervened in time. When middle ear fluid is encountered, some ear tests are performed and approximately 15 days of medical treatment is given.

After 1 month, 80% of the cases will heal and after 3 months 90% of the cases will be heal. Your doctor should decide on the timing for the examination. Because physical examination is very important. It is decided by considering the consistency of the liquid, the beginning of the slump in the membrane and the factors such as the current season. It is usually combined with nasal meat and / or tonsil operations in children. Through the hole in the middle of these tubes attached to the eardrum, the middle ear starts to breathe from outside and the middle ear pressure is balanced. The ventilation tubes, which we want to stay for a minimum of 5-6 months, can removed from the eardrum by the external auditory canal without any pain. When ear tube is attached, water should not be missed from this tube..