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Adenoid is a lymphoid tissue that acts as part of the immune system in every child. It becomes smaller after the age of 12 years. This tissue can frequently grow in children with upper respiratory tract infection or with allergic problems.

When he grows up, he fills the nasal region. The nasal passage is the space where the exit holes behind the nose are located. The air we receive from the nose opens into the lungs at the back, watching the pharynx and the trachea. When the adenoid grow, the child cannot breathe through the nose and has to breathe through the mouth. The smaller the child is, the bigger the problem it creates. Children with large adenoids suffer from feeding and sleep problems. Snoring, open mouth, chin and face development disorders may develop. In cases where we do not improve with medical treatment in our institution, we treat the adenoid successfully with approximately 20 minutes of intervention under general anesthesia in children over 1 year of age. After 2 days, the child can go to school. No special diet is required.