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Smart Lens Treatment
Single Focus Lenses (Monofocal Lens):
Such lenses are used to see only one distance without glasses. This distance is generally determined as a distant distance, and the patient can see long distance without glasses. The patient needs glasses to see mid and close ranges.

Dual Focus Lenses (Bifocal Lenses):
With these lenses, the patient can see both long and close ranges without glasses. However, the distance between 40cm and 2 meters, which we call the mid range, is blurred.

Smart Lens (Trifocal Lens):

When the next generation smart lens is inserted into the patient, the patient can easily see far, near and middle distances without glasses. The intermediate distance in visual disturbances refers to the dashboards of cars that we use very often in everyday life, portable computers used on the lap, or the area within an arm-length distance. Smart lens technology has minimized the glare and light scattering of night vision in bifocal lenses.

Toric lens: One of the important factors affecting visual acuity after cataract surgery is the degree of corneal astigmatism of the patient before the operation. Uncorrected astigmatism adversely affects patient comfort. Because of this, this problem has been eliminated with the toric feature found in all three lens types. Especially in astigmatics above a certain degree, astigmatized lenses are preferred over standard lenses.