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This method, also known as pressotherapy, is carried out by wearing garments consisting of air-inflatable compartments. The air compartments of the garment are inflated and deflated at various sequences by the device itself automatically.

The method is performed by means of a lymphatic drainage device and is based on a heavy massaging technique starting from the tips of the toes till the waist and even till the neck. This massage accelerates the lymphatic circulation.

Benefits of the lymphatic drainage:

  • Facilitation of the lymphatic drainage
  • Acceleration of the blood circulation
  • Elimination of the fat deposits in the tissues by draining them out of the body through the lymphatic system. This method reduces cellulite.
  • It helps to remove the oil out of the body after some interventions such as cavitation.
  • This method facilitates the oxygenation of cells, reviving the skin.
  • By this method, the removal of the waste material deposited in the body is facilitated. Eventually, it provides detoxification.
  • Furthermore, the massaging effect helps the body to relax.