beslenme ve diyet

Dieticians and nutritionists are guiding healthy life through proper, adequate and balanced nutrition.

The diet program should be specific to the person’s physical and health condition. It is known that 60 percent of people who try any diet cannot reach their goals and even endanger their health. In weight control programs aiming at the protection of physical and psychological health, nutrition experts provide accurate information through personalized measurements, calculations and assessments and assist in their follow-up.

In our center, your expert dietician controls your fat, muscle and water ratio, your laboratory tests are done and a diet list is prepared for you. In this way, you will lose weight faster, healthier and more effectively, and you will get a more fit and healthy look. With weight loss, the treatment of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and some hormone disorders is facilitate. The complaints caused by these regions are reduce. Furthermore, the risk of cancer is significantly reduce.