demir eksikliği


The most common complaints in children are  inappetence, asthenia, weight loss, growth retardation and uneasiness.  Iron deficiency anemia is shown to be the most common cause of the aforementioned complaints.  The newborn baby is born with a total of 250 mg of iron.  This is enough to supply the iron needs for the first four to five months of a newborn’s life. But then, to meet the daily supply of 0.5 mg of iron, iron drops are required to be taken.

Symptoms of iron deficiency anemia develops slowly, even in mild forms there is no complaint other than pale skin. As iron deficiency anemia deepens, restlessness, loss of appetite, nocturnal sleep disorder, weight loss, and frequent recurrent infections are noteworthy. In serious cases, heart enlargement, tachycardia, fracture and pain in the tongue, koilonychia, muscle weakness, walking difficulty, and hypotonia are observed. One of the most conspicuous  symptoms is restlessness. Diagnosis and treatment of this disease is so easy when the symptoms are found, so you should immediately take the necessary treatment by consulting  a doctor.