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Breast Reduction

Patients prefer breast reduction surgeries due to the discomfort caused by their weights. By means of the breast reduction surgery, it is also possible to reshape the breasts creating an aesthetic appearance as well as to reduce them. After the operation, the breasts will be proportional in size to those of the other body parts.

Women do not need breast reduction surgeries only for aesthetic concerns as larger size breasts may lead to chronic neck and back pain, and even to kyphosis (humps). Numbness is observed due to the pressure of the bra on the arm nerves in some women. Rashes under the breasts and emergence of wounds are among the other problems.

Challenges in performing daily physical activities and choosing clothes may be experienced by women with oversized breasts.

During breast reduction surgeries, the breast tissue is reshaped according to the body proportions of the person. During the surgery, the excess breast tissue and its skin are removed. Then, the nipple is moved up. It is inevitable to be scar-free after the breast reduction operations. These marks are circular around the nipple and they take the shape of the letter T inversely below the nipple. The incisions are performed only around the nipple and vertically down the nipple.

These incision marks will fade over time after the surgery. The appearance of the scars may vary among individuals depending on the skin type and on the type of the intervention.

Drains are placed in both breasts after the surgery to remove the excess fluid accumulated in the tissues. Then, the drains will be removed after 1-2 days. Immediately after the surgery, dressings similar to the bras are used. The bandages are removed after one week. The sutures, too, are removed in a week or in 10 days after the surgery.

Swelling, bruises, and numbness in the nipple may be observed after breast reduction surgeries. These problems can be resolved spontaneously within a week.