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Breast Augmentation

In some women breasts are smaller in structure or they are asymmetrical (one of them being smaller than the other one). In some women, one of the breasts does not exist at all congenitally. Breast augmentation operations are the interventions to enlarge and reshape the breasts in women.

Chest circumference values can be increased by one or a few more cup sizes by placing prostheses behind the chest muscles. Sometimes the bust size may fall short of the waist-to-hip ratio.

The most current method of breast augmentation is placing silicone prostheses. Utilization of the individual’s own fat tissue is also possible to augment the breasts, however, the success and the persistence of the outcomes obtained by this latter method may not be sufficient as much as those obtained by the silicone prostheses.

The major part of a breast prosthesis is the silicone cover on its outer surface while the filling materials inside may vary. It is possible that you decide which prosthesis is right for you under your surgeon’s supervision before the surgery.

A 4-5 cm incision is made for the placement of the breast prosthesis. This incision may take place under the nipple or in the armpit. Through this incision, the breast prosthesis is placed behind the breast tissue or beneath the pectoralis muscle. Then, the incision is closed by suturing. The scar formed due to suturing will not disappear completely, however, it is minor and will fade over time.

Silicone breast prostheses with various filling materials are available. Deciding which prosthesis will be appropriate for the patient depends on the clinical condition of the patient and on the tissue of the breast. The decision is made under the supervision of the surgeon.

It is recommended to put on bras or to apply dressings following the breast augmentation surgeries. If absorbable sutures are not used, the sutures will be removed approximately 10 days after the surgery.

Normally some restriction in the arm movements will be experienced for a few days after the operation if the breast prosthesis is placed beneath the pectoralis muscle.

Swelling, numbness in the nipple, and bruising can be observed. However, all these effects spontaneously recover within a week.

After the breast augmentation surgery, our patients can return to normal life and to work within 3-4 days.